Short Stories:

Sarah's first blush at publishing and authorship . . .

While The Kiss of Death is her first published book, it's actually not her first published story. As a child, she had four short stories published in the Anthology of Short Stories by Young Americans over four consecutive years. Each edition was released through the Anthology of Poetry in hardcover and paperback.

Age 12:  "A Christmas Miracle," Anthology of Short Stories by Young Americans (Anthology of Poetry, 2009)

Age 11:  "A Day on a Rollercoaster," Anthology of Short Stories by Young Americans (Anthology of Poetry, 2008)

Age 10:  "Living Your Dreams," Anthology of Short Stories by Young Americans (Anthology of Poetry, 2007)

Age 9:  "Mother's Sick!" Anthology of Short Stories by Young Americans (Anthology of Poetry, 2006)

Creative Satire Stories:

"Reimagining Drake Traditions: The Break-up Rock"

DUiN Magazine  |  Fall 2014  |  print (p. 36-37)

"Netflix for Horrible People"

DUiN Magazine  |  Spring 2015  |  print (p. 6-7)

"Outrageous College Student Addictions: Applying for Scholarships"

DUiN Magazine  |  Spring 2015  |  print (p. 4-5)

"Panic! At the Disco's New Constitution"

DUiN Magazine  |  Spring 2016  |  print (p. 25-26)

"Food Substitutions for College Students"

DUiN Magazine  |  Spring 2016  |  print (p. 3-4)

"You Know You're from the 'Burbs When…"

DUiN Magazine  |  Fall 2016  |  print (p. 31-32)

"And So Christmas Begins!"

DUiN Magazine  |  Fall 2016  |  print (p. 39-40)

"Make Drake's Grading System Great Again"

DUiN Magazine  |  Spring 2017  |  print (p. 22-23)

"Academic Insults for All Occasions"

DUiN Magazine  |  Fall 2017  |  online exclusive

"Inside Out: Awkward Memory Edition"

DUiN Magazine  |  Fall 2017  |  print (p. 7-8)


"The Message of Makeup"

Drake Magazine  |  Feb 5, 2015  |  online exclusive

"Associate Professor overcomes battle with breast cancer; Facing the fight with strenth & hope, Kash pushes forward"

Times-Delphic Newspaper  |  May 6, 2015  |  print and web

"Students enter the entrepreneurial world, introduce a new app connecting the globe"

Times-Delphic Newspaper  |  Apr 20, 2015  |  print and web

Sarah's Other Publications

With nearly 150 other works including short stories, poems, and articles published in books, magazines, and newspapers, here are some highlights:

Sarah, age 10, at her first unofficial "book signing" in her grandmother's kitchen, upon Grandma's request

History Articles:

"Deadly Plague: How It Devastated One-Third of Europe’s Population"

English Historical Fiction Authors (guest post)  |  Aug. 3, 2019  | online exclusive

"Inside the 14th Century Plague Era"

Historical Authors Across Time (guest post)  |  Sep. 21, 2018  |  online exclusive

Technical Writing:

"Augmented Reality in Microsurgical Endodontics: The Future of Endodontic Treatment"

Endodontic Practice US (clinical journal)  |  Fall 2019  |  print (p. 50) and web


"Kiss Me for the Last Time"

Personal Essay

2020 Writer's Digest 89th Annual Writing Competition, Memoir/Personal Essay category, Top-50 Finalist

2018 Norton Writer's Prize, Nominee  |  nominated by 2 university faculty members

“A compelling exploration of the author’s ethnic roots and family background [and] a lovely meditation on family, race, and American identity.”  —Carol Spaulding-Kruse, English Professor, Drake University

“Excellently portrays the immigrant experience of an Italian-American family early in the last century, as told by the writer's great aunt Josephine decades later.”  —Kathleen Richardson, Dean, Drake University School of Journalism and Mass Communication

"Evil, but Not for the Sake of It"

Literary Analysis

2017 Norton Writer's Prize, Nominee  |  nominated by university faculty member

"In this essay on Tim Blake Nelson’s O, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello, the writer moves deftly from paragraph to paragraph. Critical response to Nelson’s controversial adaptation has been divided, but this writer helps the reader to understand Nelson’s vision much more clearly. This essay reveals how Nelson’s modern setting may actually be more appropriate to his character. The writer also does an excellent job of highlighting how the adaptation is faithful to Shakespeare’s Othello.”  —Jeanette Tran, English Professor, Drake University