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Skills You Can Apply Directly in the Classroom

Sarah has designed a presentation that has solid, curriculum-related content. She draws on her experiences working with a publisher as a teenager and being a book publishing professional as a recent college graduate. She addresses writing strategies, editing protocols, publishing routes, and more. Given her age, Sarah's goal is to demystify writing and publishing as an accessible career path. She strives to show young people what they can do with a little passion and a lot of hard work and persistence, especially since she has once been in their shoes! Learn more about Sarah's presentation.

If You’re Holding Assemblies This Year, Why Not Make One an Author Visit!

Want to host a classroom visit (or two, or five), but strapped for time? Make the best use of a limited window of availability by turning a singular classroom visit into a larger event like a grade- or school-wide assembly in the library, gymnasium, or auditorium!

Simplify Your Lesson Plan

Given The Kiss of Death's historical content, the story lends itself to classroom discussion. Sarah has developed a comprehensive educational supplement linking the discussion questions (included in the book) to Common Core Curriculum national education standards. With vocabulary and lesson plans for 4 cross-curricular disciplines, this free 20-page Educator Guide provides everything you need to simplify your curriculum. Learn how and why Sarah created this resource for educators in the following article: Teachers, Simplify Your Lesson Plan: The Story Behind My Educator Guide.