The Kiss of Death - Debut Book Release

Jun 6, 2015

“I didn’t care who saw us there on the street or if the dead stood up in the graves to watch... read more

Author Focus Week: Itinerary

Nov 1, 2015

Join Kellan Publishing for a week of giveaways and fun! Day 1: Raffle for free copy of The Kiss of Death begins + author interview... read more

Author Focus Week Day 1: Raffle + Interview

Nov 2, 2015

The raffle begins today! Enter for a chance to win a copy of The Kiss of Death. Check out exclusive interview by Kellan Publishing... read more

Author Focus Week Day 2: Introduction

Nov 3, 2015

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by for my Author Focus! All throughout the week you can learn more about The Kiss of Death and its characters, read a free chapter, play some games... read more

Author Focus Week Day 3: Read the First Chapter!

Nov 4, 2015

Enjoy the first chapter of The Kiss of Death for free! Prologue Messina, Sicily ~ October 1347 “Leave, go far away! You and your sailors have brought death and destruction to our city... read more

Author Focus Week Day 4: Meet the Characters

Nov 5, 2015

Welcome back, everyone. You’re listening to AMC 100.1, Author Marathon Central – a live radio show about readers’ favorite books. I’m your host, Sarah Natale. Today’s show features... read more

Author Focus Week Day 5: Q&A

Nov 6, 2015

Hello everyone! Sarah Natale, here. Thanks for following along with Kellan Publishing and me this week. As you know, Kellan Publishing has been featuring my debut... read more

Author Focus Week Day 6: Answers

Nov 7, 2015

So, how did you do? Did you get all of the questions right on the quiz for The Kiss of Death by Sarah Natale? Let’s find out! Sarah asked you: Q: What does my name stand for... read more

Author Focus Week Day 7: Raffle Winner

Nov 8, 2015

As the week comes to a close, I'd like to thank you for joining Kellan Publishing and me during my Author Focus... read more

Barnes & Noble Debut Book Signing Recap

Dec 21, 2015

My debut book signing event held on Tuesday, August 18th at the Barnes & Noble in Crystal Lake, Illinois was a huge success! Many attended, and Barnes & Noble sold out of books immediately following my presentation... read more

12 Simple Steps to Design a Killer Trailer for Your Novel

Dec 22, 2015

1. Make it Lively Although video would be ideal, sometimes it’s not possible to provide funding for actors, costumes, and sets. For me, it just wasn’t feasible to outfit actors with medieval attire – nor to set up a bubonic plague street scene... read more

An Author Walks into a Bookstore: How I Got My Book into Barnes & Noble

Jan 10, 2016

I strolled along the shore of the Michigan peninsula – Mackinaw City, to be exact – waiting to board the boat to Mackinac Island for the first time since I was an infant. I had just bitten into the juiciest burger when my phone buzzed... read more

Author Event on the Historic Woodstock Square July 23

Jul 18, 2016

Hi, friends! Mark your calendars! I have some exciting news to share. I'm going to be speaking at a quaint independent bookstore in Woodstock on Saturday, July 23rd at noon. I’ll share how I navigated the publishing industry at a young age with a presentation at... read more

My 2016 Year in Review

Dec 30, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, I thought I’d try something new. No, I don’t mean a New Year’s Resolution. I think this one is a bit more attainable. The best way to plan for the future is to recap the past, right? So here’s a few highlights... read more

Teachers, Simplify Your Lesson Plan: The Story Behind My Educator Guide

Aug 6, 2017

This summer, I placed the finishing touches on my website’s new Education tab. It focuses on assisting teachers, both as an author and public speaker. Are you an English, history, biology, or art teacher? I have created an educational supplement to facilitate learning in your classroom... read more

Holiday Giveaway

Dec 28, 2017

To celebrate the holiday season and ring in the New Year, I’m giving away an autographed copy of my debut, The Kiss of Death. This quick read will... read more

My 2017 Year in Review

Jan 27, 2018

It’s that time of year again – no, I don’t mean back-to-school (though that’s a valid point). It’s time to reflect on last year’s adventures and plan for the coming year! Here are some of my highlights: Notable Reads:... read more

My 2018 Year in Review

Mar 11, 2019

We’re a few months in to 2019, but I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the year behind us and plan for the months that remain in the year ahead. I usually like to make this post in January, but sometimes life has other ideas. Good thing there’s never a bad time for reflection and self-improvement! Notable Reads:... read more

My 2020 Year in Review

Jan 15, 2021

First off, I’m relieved to finally draw the curtains on 2020 and head into brighter days in the new year. For being aesthetically pleasing with its numerical symmetry, 2020 has proved anything but pleasant. What a dumpster-fire of a year this has been, but I’m optimistic for what 2021 holds!... read more

My 2019 Year in Review

Mar 10, 2020

Another year, another opportunity to reflect on favorite moments and memorable reads! These are my highlights: Notable Reads:... read more

Interview by Sarah’s Publisher, Kellan Publishing

Mar 17, 2015

Kellan: What is the title and genre of your book that is GOING TO BE PUBLISHED with Kellan?... read more

My 2021 Year in Review

Jan 6, 2022

Yes, 2021 was less than ideal, but we have so much to be thankful for! Below I’ve compiled my top memories, moments, and mind-blowing reads in these highlights from a not-quite-terrible-maybe-sorta-kinda-ok year. Notable Reads:... read more

A Time Capsule for the Ages

Mar 10, 2023

Going to my grandparents’ house—which they built themselves out of cedar on a sweeping plot of land surrounded by forest—was one of the highlights of my childhood. (Yes, they lived in an actual log cabin in the woods, just like in a storybook!)... read more

My 2022 Year in Review

Mar 11, 2023

I find that sometimes I have my best reflections a few months after the new year has begun. So, as the snow begins to melt and spring begins to arrive here in Chicagoland, I’ve compiled my top moments from 2022.... read more