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Recent Coverage

Star 105.5 Radio Broadcast (Jan 2023):

"Morning show hosts Joe and Tina interview Sarah Natale about her proposal💍story at community wedding event"


Northwest Herald Newspaper Event Preview (Mar 2022):

"Crystal Lake Central grad, novelist to speak at St. Thomas book fair in Algonquin"


Drake University SJMC Monday Memo Feature (Dec 2021):

"Alumni news" [new job at Penguin Random House]

(Repost: Drake University Newsroom)

(Repost: Drake SJMC)

Cheyanne Murray Q&A (Oct 2021):

"Interview with Sarah Natale (Author of 'The Kiss of Death')"


Drake University SJMC Monday Memo Feature (Nov 2020):

"Alumni news" [Writer's Digest competition finalist]

(Repost: Drake University Newsroom)

(Repost: Drake SJMC)

Drake University SJMC Monday Memo Feature (Mar 2020):

"Alumni news" [English course guest speaker]

(Repost: Drake University Newsroom)

(Repost: Drake SJMC)


Huntley Area Public Library Article (Oct 2019):

"Book Publishing 101 (September 2019) Gallery"

Northwest Herald Newspaper Mention (Aug 2019):

"Barnes & Noble’s closure marks end of chapter"

McHenry School District 15 Feature (May 2019):

"Local Author Informs and Inspires Parkland 7th Graders"

Crystal Lake Elementary District 47 Feature (Jan 2019):

"Local Author Sarah (Natale) Mondello Inspires 7th Graders at Bernotas"

(Repost: McHenry Times)

(Repost: The Communicator)

High School District 155 Feature (Jan 2019):

"Crystal Lake Central Alum Speaks with senior Creative Writing Classes"


Huntley Community School District 158 Feature (Nov 2018):

"Heineman Hosts Visit by YA Historical Author Sarah Natale"

(Repost: Heineman MS)

Drake Community Press Blog Feature (Feb 2018):

"Sarah Mondello Places Second for PR News' 2017 PR Intern of the Year"

The Times-Delphic Newspaper Article (Feb 2018):

"Two bulldogs honored at public relations awards"

(virtual edition p. 7)

Northwest Herald Newspaper Feature (Jan 2018):

"Intern of the Year"


Drake University OnCampus Feature (Nov 2017):

"Mondello wins PRSA scholarship"

McHenry County Magazine Article & Book Review (May 2017):

"The Write Life"

(virtual edition p. 1, 12, 60)

The Times-Delphic Relays Edition “Humans of Drake” Newspaper Article (Apr 2017):

"Author, student shares background on her book and life"

(virtual edition p. 36)


The Woodstock Independent Newspaper Article (Jul 2016):

"Former Woodstock Fine Arts Association Scholarship Winner to speak at Read Between the Lynes"

(virtual edition p. 12)

McHenry County Living Digital Magazine Article (Jul 2016):

"Young Author Inspires"

Northwest Herald Barnes & Noble Event Announcement (Jan 2016):

"Sarah Natale Author Event"

(virtual edition p. 1, 34, 42)

Northwest Herald Library Event Announcement (Jan 2016):

"Author Visit"

(virtual edition p.9)

Daily Herald Library Event Announcement (Jan 2016):

"Randall Oaks Library welcomes local author Sarah Natale this Saturday"


Northwest Herald Newspaper Bio (Aug 2015):

"Young author turns homework into novel: CL Central grad debuts ‘The Kiss of Death’"

(virtual edition: p. 1, 33, 36)

High School District 155 Press Release (Aug 2015):

"Recent Crystal Lake Central Graduate Publishes First Book"

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Drake University Feature (Jul 2015):

"Do Something Drake: Sarah Mondello"

Kellan Publishing Q&A (Mar 2015):

"Interview by Sarah's Publisher"

Hanging with Higgins Internet Radio Broadcast on, Tue 3/3 at 9 PM CT (Mar 2015):

"Host John J. Higgins interviews Sarah Natale about her book, background, inspiration, writing process, and views as a writer"

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Press Highlights

"It's not every day a teenager gets published."  —McHenry County Living

"At 19, most teenagers are struggling to choose a college major, a group of friends, a summer job—an identity.

[Sarah], on the other hand, is busy adding 'published author' to her already crowded résumé."  —The Northwest Herald

"Often, for children, those childhood dreams are fleeting. One day they want to be an actress, the next a singer, the next a veterinarian. But for [Sarah], it was always an author. And it wasn't just a pipe dream."  —The Times-Delphic

"Can you imagine being a published novelist as a teenager? Nineteen-year-old [Sarah] can... [Her] own tenacity is something that she built into her protagonist, Elizabeth Chauncey."  —McHenry County Magazine

“In Sarah, you have not only a highly ambitious and capable young person but someone who will emerge as a leader.”  

—Carol Spaulding-Kruse, Drake University Newsroom

“Our students need to see these unique, yet far from impossible, experiences of fellow writers. We want all of our students to see themselves as writers and know that their words and stories matter.”  —Becky Sisler, Huntley Community School District 158