YA Historical Author
Sarah Natale
Sarah Natale

Bernotas Middle School - Crystal Lake, IL

Are you an English, History, Biology, or Art teacher? The Kiss of Death may facilitate learning in your classroom!

Educator Guide

I have developed a comprehensive Educator Guide linking the discussion questions (included in the book) to Common Core Curriculum national education standards. My guide provides everything you need to incorporate The Kiss of Death into your lesson plan.

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"When I learned about local author, Sarah Natale, being published at such a young age I immediately wanted to congratulate her. As a Language Arts teacher at Bernotas, I am always trying to tell my students that they don't have to wait to make their dreams come true. That they can start working to achieve them even when they are "just kids." When Sarah reached out and asked if I would like her to visit my classroom, I was happy to say yes. When she came in, she was so organized and prepared. She shared her journey from student to published writer. She gave tips on things the kids could do to become published, or even how to go about making good decisions that lead to accomplishing their life goals. Her novella, The Kiss of Death, would be a great book for Social Studies teachers to teach about medieval times and the plague. My students really enjoyed it, especially since we were reading Edgar Allen Poe, and it provided another perspective on how the plague impacted history."

-Belinda Strebel, Bernotas Middle School LA/SS Teacher

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Why Education?

Go behind-the-scenes in this blog post: Teachers, Simplify Your Lesson Plan: The Story Behind My Educator Guide.