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Sarah Natale
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Sarah Natale launched her author career as a teen when a high school assignment, written at 17 years old, received a book deal from a publisher. She has always held a fascination for the tragedy that devastated 1/3 of Europe’s population and was excited to craft a story around the historical event in her senior creative writing class. That story, The Kiss of Death, received a fine arts literary award prior to publication. Her book is used at the middle school and university levels.

A shameless word nerd, Sarah has been called an L.A. Gal (Language Arts Girl) due to her passion for words ever since she could hold a pencil. Nearly 150 of her works (stories, poems, and articles) have appeared in various publications (books, magazines, and newspapers). She loves playing classical piano and believes figure skating is the closest thing to flying (yes, it’s a sport!), though roller skates will suffice when ice isn’t an option. She can be found surrounded by books with an open notebook, pen in hand. Sarah Natale, literally translated, means the Princess of Christmas.

Sarah is a recent Summa Cum Laude graduate of Drake University, where she studied Writing, Public Relations, and Graphic Design. At 23 years old, she frequently speaks about the writing, editing, publishing, and promotion stages of book publishing. Her goal is to demystify publishing as an accessible career path. She brings her experiences working in fiction, academic, and medical book publishing, including Sourcebooks, Kaye Publicity, Drake Community Press, and Quintessence Publishing. When she’s not presenting or writing, she works as book publishing professional for a publisher in the Chicago area. There, she specializes in editing and marketing.

Fun Facts about Sarah Natale
  • Sarah Natale is a pen name. It's actually my first and middle name. My legal name is Sarah Mondello.
  • I’m the Princess of Christmas. Literally. My name, Sarah Natale, literally translated, means just that: Sarah means Princess in Hebrew, and Natale is the Italian word for Christmas. I was named after my great grandmother. I bet not many people can say their middle name is a holiday in another language!
  • My childhood dream (besides becoming an author) was to be a mermaid. It still is.
  • I firmly believe figure skating is the closest thing there is to flying.
  • You can often find me in used bookstores, scouring the shelves for black roosters decorating book spines, signifying rare out-of-print Sweet Valley books. Growing up, Francine Pascal’s identical twins, as different as night and day, fascinated me. With numerous spin-offs spanning hundreds of books, I hope to collect them all one day.
  • Growing up, I never thought of myself as a historical fiction writer. So how did The Kiss of Death happen, you ask? I actually started the tale as a high school assignment that was meant to be a short story, dived a little too deep into the research in my excitement, got a little carried away, and found a publisher for the book-length work shortly after graduation. I’ve been a medieval history buff ever since!
  • I spell my name with an “H”—the right way!
  • In 4th grade, I became obsessed with Cat’s Cradle and practiced every string game in the book until I could teach my friends at school. Hand me a piece of string, and to this day, I’ll perform Jacob’s Ladder—thanks to muscle memory.
  • Clue is my all-time favorite board game. As a kid, I was so fascinated after playing it at a friend’s house that I went home and recreated it out of paper. Thankfully, today I own the real thing.
  • I take a certain satisfaction in viewing the 3D image hidden within stereograms. Trust me, the learning curve is worth it.
  • I’m unapologetically competitive at the card game Speed.
  • Speaking of card games, I was uninterested in learning poker until a friend dragged me to Poker Club, where I became a committed member throughout college—along with a zillion other extracurriculars. I still enjoy playing for fun from time to time.
  • I’m an arts & crafts girl at heart.
  • I'm a medium salsa girl—not hot or mild.
  • During a bus trip on the way to a college visit as a prospective student, my luggage fell off the bus and went missing somewhere along the highway. I enrolled in Drake University anyway!
  • I did the long distance thing with my high school sweetheart through 4 years of college. It can be done!


Sarah (Sair-uh)     Natale (Nuh-tall-lee)

"Paint the Town READ" Literacy Campaign Poster

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