Debut Author
Debut Author
Sarah Natale
Sarah Natale

The Kiss of Death:

Debut Book

Enjoy a little romance with your historical fiction? Interested in Medieval London? All things British?

Print and eBook Available Now!

The Kiss of Death . . .

. . . is a suspense-filled historical fiction with a hint of romance, which encompasses an outbreak of the bubonic plague in Medieval London in the year 1348.

Will you refuse its kiss?

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Sarah Natale Author

The Kiss of Death

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"Do Something Drake"


Online Radio Broadcast Interview

(Featuring my experiences as a young author

during my first year at Drake University)

(Listen as radio show host John J. Higgins speaks with me about my book, background, inspiration, writing process, and views as a writer.)

Read the accompanying Q&A here.

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Barnes & Noble Book Signing Event - Crystal Lake, Il

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Sarah (Sair-uh)

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